Support Our School

Our school participates in the programs listed below.  These programs are an easy way for every family to help us raise additional funds for our school.  For more information you may click on the links below, or contact the school representatives that coordinate our efforts with each program. 

Send in any of the following to your Child's homeroom teacher who will get them to the coordinator for each program. 

Box tops for Education - Clip and save all the box tops for education labels found on many of the household products you buy.  Coordinator: Mrs. Brooks.

Box Tops for Education


Labels for Education - Coordinator:  Mrs. Broome/Student Council.

Labels for Education


Funding Factory - Please send in all your used ink cartridges and toner cartridges from home, and your place of employment,  to our school.   Coordinators:   Mrs. Moore/Mrs. Broome/Student Council.